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How retailers can get the most out of business expenses and earn more points

Being a retailer in Australia means constantly adapting to challenges. Staying on top of competitors, dealing with supply chain issues in the current climate and responding to consumers’ ever-changing needs can be a hard slog… and that’s before you factor in all the regular business payments! Yep, keeping on top of invoices, payments and other essential financial outgoings can be taxing, especially if you’re facing cash-flow problems as a small business or start-up. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just pay retail expenses by credit card? With, you can. We’ll help you streamline your retail business payments… and earn bucketloads of loyalty points in the process.

Revolutionise your retail business payments process

For retail business owners and managers, has your back. Our innovative payment platform allows you to pay retail business expenses by credit card that you wouldn’t typically be able to. We’ll help you improve cash flow by making use of the interest-free period on your credit card, earn reward points you can use for business travel or other loyalty perks, plus the biggie: save you precious time.

Typical retailer business expenses you can use for

So how can you pay retail business payments by credit card? Well, while every retailer is different, the following regular business payments are just some of the retail company expenses you can pay by credit card, thanks to


Whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar traditional store or have an e-commerce set-up for your retail business, you’re likely to have rent bills each month you’d normally pay with traditional methods. With us, you can pay rent by credit card – whether it’s retail, commercial or industrial rent – and collect points on your rewards credit or charge card by doing so. To make life even easier, we accept all major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA and American Express. We can even advise the best business credit card for retailers, so you can earn more points, fast.

Store fixtures

Chances are you’ll be needing equipment on your retail premises such as racks, shelving and other display cases or furniture. Using your business credit card for hire charges can earn you valuable loyalty points you can later utilise in your credit card rewards program. For a small percentage fee (the smallest on the market, actually), can help you unlock the benefits of your credit card and earn up to 15x more reward points. Which, of course, gets you 15x closer to that dream getaway, family escape or business class flight…

Payments to contractors

You may have regular contractors to assist you as a retailer, such as contract cleaners, accountants, delivery staff, security, interior designers and so on. Ditch the laborious paperwork and instead pay retail invoices and pay contractors by credit card – and earn frequent flyer points in the process. Our premier payments platform also allows you to save multiple credit cards in our system, so you’re able to decide what to pay, with what card, and when.

Equipment and technology

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right? All your business essentials for making sales don’t come cheap: think computers, point-of-sale (POS) systems, EFTPOS terminals and so on. As well as your typical transaction fees on all purchases, you may also have regular contract payments to make on rented equipment. We’ll save you time (and energy!) by paying suppliers by credit card instead of traditional invoicing, with security and integrity of your data as standard. Rest assured is PCI Data Security Standard compliant and meets the highest industry security standards.


The supply chain brings with it a whole array of invoicing to get tied up in. Consolidating your wholesale, drop shipment, supplier and other logistical costs into the one system will streamline your process. Even if your suppliers don’t accept credit cards, we’ll act as an intermediary to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of paying by card, while your supplier still receives their payment in the traditional way.

All business payments, all credit cards

Other business expenses as a retailer you may incur include utility bills, insurance, security and other professional services, marketing and advertising, staff superannuation contributions, ATO payments and more. All those regular outgoings means a mass of debit payments, with funds leaving your bank account immediately. However, utilising your company credit card means you can take advantage of up to 55 days interest free to assist with cash flow for your business.

Our friendly and professional experts can help you work out the best way to maximise benefits and cash flow for your circumstances. Contact us via the website or call us to chat through how can help. 

Author: Amy Potter