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How to pay for home office equipment with a credit card

How to pay for home office equipment with a credit card

Whether you are a small business still operating an office from home or a larger business with employees who are working from home, you may need to purchase home office equipment. 

A small mum-and-dad operation might mean the study or spare bedroom needs an upgrade, or a business with employees who are not working from an office may need to provide equipment so they can work from home. 

Whether it is computers, desks, chairs, printers, internet routers or other technology that your business needs to purchase for a home office, with you can pay for it all on a credit card and earn rewards points.

Even if your supplier or provider does not accept credit card payments or only accepts select cards, we can make sure you still earn maximum frequent flyer points on all your home office expenses. 

With low fees and a simple and easy-to-use interface, can help you do business better.

Upgrading your home office could help get you on your way to a Sunshine Coast holiday.  

How can I pay for home office equipment by credit card?

Don’t worry if your providers and suppliers for home office equipment do not accept credit card.

Even if they do accept credit card but only VISA and Mastercard, you can still put all your purchases on a high points-earning American Express card with

The process is simple: You make a payment at with any credit or charge card of your choice and we will pay the provider on your behalf.

Whether it is an invoice for new furniture or even a payment for tradespeople to upgrade your home office study, we can facilitate your payments. 

The timing between a credit card payment made by you and receipt by the payee is typically only T+2 days. 

And by paying with a credit card, you can enjoy up to 55 days interest free to pay off that new desk or new computer.

How many points can you earn paying for home office equipment with a credit card?

That depends on how big your home office upgrade or equipment purchases are, but potentially thousands.

With the right business credit card you can earn up to 1.25 points per dollar spent on anything home office related that is paid through

With a one-way Business Class flight from Melbourne to the Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast costing 27,600 points flying Qantas, you could be on your way in no time.

Don’t have a high points-earning business credit card? 

Sign up to one of our well-priced subscription services and we can even help you pick the best card for your business to maximise your rewards.

We will also help you find and book the sometimes elusive First Class and Business Class rewards seats to help get you on your way.

What else can you use to pay for?

We don’t just allow businesses to make credit card payments for home office equipment. 

We can also process payments to contractors and consultants or assist in making rent payments and buying business equipment. 

You can even use our service to make payments for employee superannuation and pay ATO bills.

How our fees stack up  

We offer the lowest fees on the market for processing credit card payments for home office equipment.

And signing up to one of our subscription packages – which come with a range of other benefits – can bring those fees down even lower.

On our free base package we charge a 1% fee plus GST for Mastercard transactions, 1.20% plus GST for VISA and 2.10% plus GST for American Express.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy.

Just head to and follow the prompts to sign your business up.

You too could soon be joining our growing number of very happy customers flying at the pointy end of the plane. 

Author: Chris Cavanagh