How to Pay for a new Car and earn Credit Card Rewards Points -


How to pay for a new car and earn credit card rewards points

How to pay for a new car and earn credit card rewards points

Many businesses provide cars to employees for various purposes. 

A lot of tradies are given cars by their employer, as are senior staff at some larger companies. 

Transport and courier businesses, food producers and even restaurants who do their own deliveries will also often have shared company cars. 

Small business owners like farmers may also purchase a new car through their business for tax savings. 

A new car is a big – and expensive – purchase.

But if you play your cards right, buying a new car could come with an added bonus of a whole lot of frequent flyer points. 

While car dealers will refuse a credit card as payment for your new vehicle, with you can choose to pay them with a card of your choice and collect all the credit card rewards points that come with that.

Don’t have the cash on hand to pay for the car upfront right now? 

We can also facilitate payments to asset finance lenders and fleet management and novated lease providers. 

With low fees and a simple and easy-to-use interface, can help you do business better.

You could soon be swapping the front seat of the new car for a Business Class seat on a flight to Singapore.

How can you use a credit card to buy a car?

We make it easy for you to pay for a new car with a credit card – whichever way you choose to acquire the vehicle. 

Dealers won’t accept credit card payments for the full cost of your new car, but if you have the cash on hand to buy a new car upfront we can facilitate such a move.

You make the payment at with a credit or charge card of your choice, we will pay the dealer and you will earn thousands of credit card rewards points.

Simple as that.

The timing between a credit card payment made by you through and receipt by the payee is typically only T+2 days, meaning there should not be any hold up in picking up your new car. 

Of course, many businesses don’t have the cash on hand to pay for a car upfront. 

That’s okay, because we can also facilitate payments to fleet and novated lease providers and asset finance lenders.

One way or another, with you can turn a major purchase into major rewards.

How many points can you earn paying for a car with a credit card?

This depends on the price of the car. 

However, with the right business credit card you can earn up to 1.25 points per dollar spent on your new car through

We will use a new ute as an example. 

A brand new, quality twin-cab is likely to set you back around $50,000.

Using a credit card that earns 1.25 points per dollar, that’s a potential windfall of 62,500 points.

That’s more than enough points for a one-way trip in Business Class from Perth to Singapore flying Qantas, which comes at a cost of 57,000 points. 

Don’t have a high points-earning business credit card? 

Sign up to one of our well-priced subscription services and we can even help you pick the best card for your business to maximise your rewards.

We will also help you find and book the sometimes elusive First Class and Business Class rewards seats to help get you on your way.

What else can you use to pay for?

We don’t just allow businesses to make credit card payments for cars.

We can also process payments to contractors and consultants or assist in making rent payments and buying business equipment. 

You can even use our service to make payments for employee superannuation and pay ATO bills.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy.

Just head to and follow the prompts to sign your business up.

You too could soon be joining our growing number of very happy customers flying at the pointy end of the plane.

Author: Chris Cavanagh