Your flexible rewards program

Welcome to PayRewards, the exclusive way to earn even more points on all your business payments. By making your business payments with you gain access to PayRewards, the rewards program where you can earn PayPoints on every transaction.

Earn PayPoints on every business payment

Transfer PayPoints to Airline Reward Points

Uncapped and unlimited points earn potential

Double stack PayPoints on top of credit card rewards to earn even more rewards

Dial up and down your PayPoints earn with flexible earn options

Redeem your PayPoints for what you want at great value across all redemptions. From a Porsche 911, to a luxury Rolex or a dream family holiday

Convert to major partners


Transfer to Qantas Business Rewards


Transfer to more major airline partners coming soon!

How does it work?


Make a payment with


Boost your points; VIP gets you 1 PayPoint per $1 or VIP Premier gets you 2 PayPoints per $1


Redeem for anything you want, name it and we will find it! Dream getaways or convert into airline frequent flyer points


Earn even more points on your business payments

PAY x Quintessentially

Global luxury concierge service, Quintessentially, has partnered with to power our luxury concierge program. Leveraging a powerful network, the Pay x Quintessentially concierge team are on hand to fulfill your every request.

What is the Pay X Quintessentially Concierge Service?

Our luxury concierge service, Pay x Quintessentially gives you access to everything from last-minute restaurant reservations and sold-out sporting events, to in-home support or assistance sourcing the perfect gift for a loved one.

Your Pay x Quintessentially concierge access is valid for 30 days when you make a payment of $5,000 with

“Welcome to Pay VIP, how may I assist you today?”

Pay x Quintessentially places you at the heart of the action, with access to an exclusive network of partners across the globe. We can help achieve the impossible, all you have to do is ask. Call us on 1300 241 723 or email and a dedicated concierge we take care of all the details so that you don’t have to.