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Earn points on any business payment

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Aly Clint| Construction

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Earn reward points on every business payment

Earn reward points on all your business payments from ATO bills, payroll to supplier payments. By using you gain access to PayRewards, the rewards program where you earn points on every payment from your credit card or bank account. Our team of experts can assist in setting up your business with the best strategies and supercharging the points you earn.


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Improve Business Cash Flow

Boost your cash flow

Using a credit card to pay your business expenses with allows you to tap into cashflow advantages. Make the most of your credit card’s repayment period and unlock up to 55 days interest-free to assist with your business’s cash flow.

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Our Flexible Rewards Program


By making your business payments with you gain access to PayRewards, the rewards program where you can earn PayPoints on every payment. Earn points from a bank account or double up on your rewards credit card. Redeem all your points at a great value no matter what you choose.

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