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Personalised Points Advice

Get expert advice on the best Credit Card deals and the ultimate way to earn and spend your points

By being on a plan you get access to our Personalised Points Advisors.  We will assist you in recommending the best credit cards that fit your business needs and making the most of the world of points.

We will research the best deals on the market and review your current credit card and points portfolio. Our experts will then make personalised recommendations, saving you time, effort and making sure you don’t miss out on any potential value.



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  • When you sign up to and select our Regular or Premium plan you will gain access to our personalised points advisors.  Our experts will assist you in recommending the best credit cards that fit your business needs.

    The whole fun of having a credit card to earn points and miles is that the money you spend normally on everyday payments has added value as it gets you closer to your next trip or even the option to purchase your next car. Needless to say, though, there are a ton of credit cards out there, and it can be hard to to figure out the best one for your business. This is where we help.


  • Points are valuable, but most businesses miss the opportunity to get value because they find points confusing. If your business spends $50k per month, then you will collect $1,500 of points value. Over 12 months, that adds up to $18,000 of points value. Paying for bills, collecting points, using them to fly Business Class – is the ultimate something for nothing.

  • The average cash price for Business class is $8,000 international. Flying Business class on points is about the price of Economy. The more points you earn now, the more flights you can take and avoid paying too much. Business owners that use points to fly, save their cash and have an advantage.