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Further Information

‘Points’ are earned in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable credit card and any associated loyalty, rewards or frequent flyer program. The type and number of ‘points’ that may be earned on your credit card by making payments through pay.com.au will depend on a wide range of variables and other factors including the type and value of those payments, the type of your credit card and the type of loyalty, rewards or frequent flyer program (if any) associated with your card together with the applicable earn rate. These factors may change over time. Banded earn rates may also apply. Not all credit cards earn points. Some cards are subject to caps on the number of points that can be earned, plus not all purchases or payments are eligible to earn points.

Please use our   Calculator to get a rough guide on the number of points you may potentially earn by paying your bills through pay.com.au. You can then compare this against the number of points you are currently earning. By comparing the two you will be able to see the estimated increase in the points you may potentially earn each year.

The Calculator  and our ‘up to 15x’ more points claim is based on research which found that on average less than 5% of all business payments occur using credit cards. By using our payment platform businesses will be able to pay nearly all of their business payments using a credit card. We conservatively assume that on average businesses will use a credit card through our payment platform to pay between up to 75% and 85% of their average monthly payments. Subject to the variables and other factors noted in this FAQ, the average expected increase in the points a business may earn each year is therefore between up to 15x and 17x. If a business pays a smaller proportion of its monthly payments through our payment platform, then it will earn fewer points. Please note that our ‘up to 15x more points’ claim assumes that the credit limit on the applicable credit card is sufficiently high to enable the increased value of card payments. You will need to contact your card provider to seek an increase in your credit limit as needs or otherwise ensure that your card is regularly topped up so that it remains within its credit limits at all times.

To earn more points on your credit card you will need to make more payments using the card, but these are payments that you would otherwise have paid directly to the supplier in any event so there is little if any negative impact from a cash flow perspective. If anything, there may be a positive improvement to your cash flow because you may be able to utilize an interest free repayment period on your credit card. Our fees and the value of any benefits you may derive from any points you earn should also be taken into account to determine your overall net outcome.

Please be aware that points are normally only earned by or accrue to the credit card account holder and are non-transferable. Terms and conditions, eligibility criteria (including credit approval), exclusions, fees (including joining and annual membership fees for the credit card and the rewards program), taxes and other charges (including interest) may also apply and change over time.

To earn points from credit card payments through pay.com.au you need to have an active account with us and comply with our [Terms and Conditions]. Some accounts are subject to monthly fees. Transaction fees apply. Please see [Pricing] for more details. Only businesses with an ABN are eligible to have an account with us. We currently accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, VISA and American Express). If you have a credit card that we don’t accept then we are unable to help you.

We believe we can process most of the payments typically made in the ordinary course of most businesses, however, we don’t handle certain payments. See the Prohibited Industries and Payments for more details. We may amend this list from time to time without notice to you.  If lots of your payees are in prohibited industries or you make lots of prohibited payments, then you may not earn many more points by setting up an account with us. This will depend on what other payments (and the amount of those payments) you typically make.

Points have no monetary value. They are not property, cash or redeemable for cash. Expiry or ‘use by’ dates usually apply to points. Points may be cancelled if the associated credit card account is closed or the associated rewards program is terminated. Because there are many variables, third parties and other factors involved (most of which are outside our control), we cannot guarantee the actual number of points you may earn or the nature or extent of the goods, services or other benefits that may be derived from the points you earn. For example, we can’t guarantee that you will earn enough points for, or be able to redeem points for, a business class or first class flight under a rewards program. Covid-19 restrictions may also affect the availability of flights.

Points may not be earned if amounts owing on the credit card account are overdue or if credit limit is exceeded. Points can only be used to claim rewards in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to the points. The available rewards may change over time. The ability to redeem points earned in one rewards program for points in another rewards program (such as a frequent flyer program) is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to those programs. Not all points are redeemable in this way. Points earned from one credit card may not be able to be pooled with points earned on different credit cards. Please check the terms and conditions of your credit card and your associated rewards program to confirm eligibility. If in doubt, please contact us or the provider of your card and its associated rewards program.