Getting started with Xero -

Getting started with Xero

s connect your account to pay your Xero bills easily!

  • To start, log into
  • Once you successfully logged in, you will see the dashboard as per below
  • Click the “CONNECT” button to connect to Xero.
  • The following modal will give you further information in regards to the connection to Xero. If you would like to proceed, please click on “LOGIN TO XERO” to confirm the connection details and select which organisation to link to.
  • Once you clicked on “LOGIN TO XERO” and successfully logged in to Xero, you will see the following screen. Please select the Xero organisation you’d like to connect to your account and select “Allow access”.
  • Your account is now connected to Xero!
  • To disconnect, please go to Settings as per the following screenshot and select Disconnect Xero. Please note that the Xero organisation you are connected to is listed here.

Let’s start paying your Xero bills using and earn some serious rewards points!

  •  Go to Make a Payment, select Supplier, and Import from Xero.
  • Once you have selected your payment method and PayRewards option, you will be taken to the Review page as per below. This would give you an opportunity to double-check the payment and most importantly, map the payment method to the Xero account you’d like to use, and the processing fee to a corresponding account in Xero, like the Merchant fee account. The purpose of this is to allow automatic reconciliation, to save your time doing so manually in Xero.


  • will remember this selection the next time you make a payment using the same payment method. However, if you are using a different payment method, we will prompt you to select the Xero account you’d like to use.
  • Once you’ve authorised the payment(s), we will process the payment and update the Xero bills status in Xero from “Awaiting Payment” to “Paid” automatically. You will also find a Pay Clearing Account in Xero, containing all the transactions performed in separating the payment amount and the fees.
  • After paying your Xero bills through, please wait for your Pay Clearing Account to show your bills as ‘Reconciled’. This will occur automatically once the payment is executed and will take less than one day. We strongly advise you to wait for the automatic reconciliation. If you change the status of the bills paid through as ‘Paid’ manually in Xero, we will not be able to automatically reconcile them

For further details please email –