The top 7 ways small business owners can earn points -

The top 7 ways small business owners can earn points

>The top 7 ways small business owners can earn points

1 July 2021

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A lot of small business owners do not earn frequent flyer and credit card points and many might believe that is the domain of large corporate firms or those who travel regularly. 

However, even small businesses with relatively small turnovers can unlock huge points-earning potential by changing just a few small habits or capitalising on things they already do.

Running a small business can often be a thankless and tiring job, but those that play their cards right could soon be gifting themselves a well-deserved holiday each year.

Small businesses are not going to be looking to earn Qantas points on a new Kayo Sports subscription, but they might be interested in the ability to earn points on payroll or employee superannuation payments.

Small businesses with some upcoming travel in mind could also benefit from specific promotions like a three-month trial of Velocity Gold through Virgin Australia’s Accelerate program.

Such rewards go well beyond what regular frequent flyers receive.

A few simple tips and tricks can go a long way, and get you a long way in Business Class on a holiday.

1. Let your customers earn you points

We’re serious.

Points-earning is not a one-way road. 

Depending on the type of business you run, you could a serious amount of points from your sales with the right set-up.

And your customers won’t be missing out, either, as they can still earn points by making credit card payments of their own.

We’re talking about utilising your mobile payment device. 

Some providers let you earn points on each dollar customers spend.

One such provider is Live eftpos, which has partnered up with Qantas to help small businesses earn points on every sale.

 2. Pick the right credit or charge card

As most small business owners can attest, there are never-ending outgoing business expenses to pay for and bills to settle.

If you are settling all those expenses and bills by direct deposit or a debit card, you could be missing out on a lot of rewards points.

Not all business credit cards will earn points on transactions and those that do will offer differing earn rates.

So, it is worth comparing your current payment method with the best business credit cards on the market. 

Some business credit cards can also come packed with a range of other benefits, including airport lounge access and travel insurance.

Choosing the right card for you and your business is critical to earning maximum rewards points.

3. Use to make payments

Got a stack of invoices piling up on your desk from various sources?

With, you can settle them all in one place with our easy-to-use and rewarding business-to-business platform.  

We allow you to pay all your invoices and bills with a credit card of your choice and promise the lowest transaction rates on the market for B2B payments.

You can save time with our secure, centralised online portal – all while earning points that you otherwise would not if you were instead to make a traditional EFT payment.

We can also not only process payments for invoices and bills but also payments to the ATO, employee superannuation payments and even employee payroll.

Plus, our paid subscribers can enjoy a concierge service, which will help business owners find and book sometimes elusive Business and First Class seats with all their new-found points.

As an added bonus, if you sign up today, you will get access to 3-months of free access to the Premium subscription.

4. Fuel up and earn up

The BP-Velocity partnership ended in January 2020, but has since been replaced by a new deal with Qantas that has opened up new ways for small business owners to earn points.

If you have a BP Plus fuel card, you can now link it directly to a Qantas Business Rewards account and earn 1 point per litre of 98 and 1 point per two litres of 91, 95, diesel and ultimate diesel.

BP Plus customers can also save 3c per litre on premium fuels and 2c per litre on regular fuel.

5. Shop at a frequent flyer mall

Did you know you can earn one Qantas point per dollar spent on printing at Snap printing

Or you could earn one Qantas point per dollar spent on HP computer equipment

If you’re looking to earn Velocity points, how about two points per $1 spent on Apple products? 

It is worth checking out the Qantas Business Rewards earning points page or the Velocity e-Store or Qantas Shopping websites to see how and where you can earn points. 

If you are going to spent money on new business purchases or expenses with listed businesses anyway, you might as well earn some extra points for just a couple of extra clicks.

6. Carefully select your service providers 

These days you can earn points on everything from corporate cleaning services to human resources providers.

Even the big four accounting firms offer the ability to earn extra frequent flyer rewards points.

One of those accounting firms, Deloitte, gives you as many as 3 points per $1 spent on their services.

If you send packages through Sendle you can earn you up to 10 Velocity points for each parcel sent. 

Telecommunications provider Optus offers wifi plans that you can earn Velocity Points on.

If you have electricity and gas plans with Red Energy you can also earn extra Qantas points.

It’s worth spending the time to compare your current service providers to those that are partnered with frequent flyer programs.

You might find a better deal that also comes with a bonus of a stack of extra points.

7. Office upgrades

Do you need some new office desks, or perhaps some new couches for the tea room?

Maybe you need some new computer equipment or a new microwave?

From Harvey Norman to Super Cheap Auto, many office products can be purchased through partners to turn everyday expenses into holidays, flight upgrades and more.

Offers tend to rotate on a regular basis, but it’s worth regularly checking in with frequent flyer partner pages to make sure you can take advantage of any deals that might suit you.

Wrapping up

Many small businesses may be able to earn a lot more points than they realise, with a host of ways to earn. 

Some options might take a few extra clicks, but could be worth the extra effort. 

Other options, like using, can in fact make life for small business owners not only easier but also more rewarding at the same time.

Those businesses that follow the tips and tricks above could find themselves racking up enough points to take yearly family holidays in no time.