May 2022 Release Notes -

May 2022 Release Notes

>May 2022 Release Notes

2 June 2022

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May 2022 Release notes: Payment history, BSB lookups and a smoother navigation experience

Welcome to the first official release notes for Each month we’ll update you on the latest features and improvements the team have made and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the month of May.

New Features 🚀

All your payments, front and center.
One of the most requested features we get has been the ability to search and export your payment history. Now you can do so with ease. Visit payment history from the dashboard and start your search. From here you can now filter through your payments as needed and export directly to CSV.

A closer look at BSB 🔎
It’s now easier than ever to do a lookup of the BSB of your payees. Simply start typing your BSB number and our system will auto-detect the bank name and location of that BSB. This means you have greater control when validating and entering this information, ensuring you won’t accidentally make a payment to the wrong payee!

Improvements 🔨

🧭 A smoother view for you to navigate
In the month of May we made leaps and bounds in the look and feel of our platform. You’ll now find a faster movement through the payment flows, with fewer clicks and more actions, enhanced usability, and design changes to your PayWallet. We’ve also provided better visibility of the account you’re logged into, so you can avoid confusion when managing multiple businesses.

🔬 No more micro-transactions
We’ve improved our credit card verification process and no longer require making micro charges to cards when verifying their authenticity. Instead, we put a hold on micro amounts, which are then released within 7 days.

🔒 More security to keep you safe 
We’ve now added email validation across our site to ensure we have an extra layer of protection against fraudsters and phonies.

💳 Sort and view your pending payments 
Pending payments are now easier to view with an expandable row view and the ability to sort based on date, type, payee name, payment methods, and even amount. No more hidden transactions!

Arriving soon 🧳

As we begin to approach the end of the financial year we’ve started preparing for our Xero integration and automatic bill reconciliation – As we await certification from Xero we’ll continue to test and improve the functionality of this integration.

You will also be able to (soon) see on the Xero App Store! Exciting!

That’s the end of our May release round-up. We hope these new features and improvements make managing your business payments a much more enjoyable experience.