9 November 2021

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How to Turbocharge your points earning with PayRewards

For some time now at, we’ve been helping businesses around Australia earn millions of points for simply making their everyday payments through our easy-to-use and cost effective platform. 

Now we’re turbo-charging our offering with our own program called PayRewards, which enables your business to earn twice as many points from every transaction. 

The points you earn through PayRewards are valuable, flexible and provide uncapped earning potential.

Whether you want to add to your frequent flyer points balance, desire a new designer handbag or want a new iPhone, our rewards store has it all.

PayRewards members even have the ability to earn access to a dedicated VIP Concierge service, through global partner, Quintessential.  

If you thought was a game changer, wait until you discover all that PayRewards has to offer.


How does PayRewards work? 

It’s easy.

We’ve created two tiers in the PayRewards program – VIP and VIP Premier.

With our VIP service, you will earn 1 PayPoints for every $1 you process through

For members who choose our VIP Premier service, you will earn 2 PayPoints for every $1 of business payments made.

Whether you are paying your warehouse rent, an ATO tax bill or employee superannuation, you can earn points. 


How many points can I earn with PayRewards? 

Simple answer: Plenty.

What is great about PayRewards is you can earn PayPoints in addition to any credit card rewards points you earn by making payments through

This gives you the ability to ‘double dip’ on points. 

As an example, let’s say you have an American Express Qantas Business Rewards card and are a PayRewards VIP Premier member. 


What can I get for my PayPoints? 

PayPoints are a highly valuable currency for the savvy points collector with almost endless redemption opportunities. 

Unlike some rewards programs, PayPoints are flexible and can be redeemed either at our exclusive online store for a range of luxury goods and experiences or be transferred to one of our airline partners.

From a designer handbag to a luxury watch and a five-star getaway to a new iPhone, our PayRewards store has plenty of amazing redemption options to suit everyone. 

If our store does not have something you want, you can speak to our personal shopper service who can help you find it.


Our travel options include packages from PayTravel, allowing you to use your points on a complete travel package – from a trip to Queensland to Bali and beyond.

We have also partnered with three major airlines, allowing you to transfer your points at generous redemption rates. 

Our partnerships have opened the door to highly valuable redemption options for our customers.  

It is not uncommon to gain up to 5 or 6 cents – even 7 cents – of value from each Kris Flyer point on long-haul international flights in Business and First Class.

An additional bonus is PayPoints won’t expire as long as you make at least one transaction every 12 months.

This gives you the freedom to hold onto your PayPoints until you are in a position to book that dream overseas holiday in Business Class or secure that luxury watch that caught your eye in our PayRewards store.


What about the VIP Concierge program?

To access our concierge service, you must be a PayRewards VIP level member and spend over  $5000 on a transaction.
Doing so will give you access to our VIP Concierge for 30 days following the qualifying transaction.

What can our VIP Concierge do for you? Plenty. 

Our concierge partner – Quintessentially – is a leader in its field and is ready to bring your every wish to fruition. 

Looking to travel? 

Our concierge can advise about the latest travel advisories, make expert recommendations and provide inspirational knowledge.

Need a last-minute restaurant reservation?

From classics to new private dining experiences, our global network ensures you will have the best access to a table.

We can also help with everything from in-home support to sourcing theatre seats, tickets to sold-out sporting events or sourcing a gift.

Our luxury concierge will do the work finding the things that you need so that you can focus on your business. 

So how do I join PayRewards?

If you are already a paid-up subscriber for our great-value Regular or Premium subscription plans, you are automatically enrolled in PayRewards.

If you are using our free account, you will have to upgrade to one of these plans to gain access to PayRewards.

Fees for using PayRewards start at 1.0% on top of your current processing fee.

It’s also worth remembering that all of our fees may be tax-deductible for your business.