How it works

4 steps to earn more points

Add your favourite points earning card

All major credit cards accepted

Make a payment

Add payees & setup or import your batch payments

Pay a small percentage fee

Pay a small percentage fee

Earn serious points

Earn up to 15x more points making payments for your business

Here are just some of the payments that lets you earn points on

Most businesses get no value paying these expenses with traditional methods. Our payments platform will help you turn your payments into Business Class travel.

ATO Bills









Use any Australian credit card

Your suppliers don’t accept credit cards? We’ve got you covered. Our payments platform allows you to use credit cards to pay invoices where you couldn’t before. You can save multiple cards in our system, allowing you to decide what to pay with, when.


Unlock up to 55 days interest free on your business transactions

Paying an invoice the traditional way? That money is out the door the moment you hit send. Using a credit card to pay you business expenses with allows you to tap into cashflow advantages. By making the most of a credit card’s repayment period, you can unlock up to 55 days interest free to assist with cashflow for your business.

Invoices just got easier

Integrate with Xero and sync your invoices (Coming Soon)

Manage you day to day accounting in Xero? No sweat. The platform integrates with Xero, allowing you to sync invoices between the platforms. This means you can manage your day to day in Xero, push invoices over to, and them pay them on our platform. Simple.

Pay "your" way

You pay with your card, we’ll pay your suppliers, you earn points

A lot of  your suppliers don’t accept credit cards, that’s where we come in. At, we can enable that for you. By paying through our platform, we act as an intermediary, allowing you to pay with a credit card and your supplier to receive their payment the traditional way.


Your money is secured, end to end

We take security very seriously, especially when it comes to your money. Market leading security practices are built into our platform and through every step of our payments process.

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Things you should know

1).  15x more points is based on research indicating less than 5% of business payments occur using credit cards. Average usage and individual earnings may vary. See here for more information on assumptions and points earning.

2).  Our three month launch offer is open to new customers signing up and commences on the date of sign-up. Once the offer concludes will be in touch to discuss your preferred plan and payment method. Customers will be placed onto the free subscription if no selection is made.

3).  Never fly economy again headline based on customers points earning and personal choice of using points on business class flights.  See more information here