How Tradesman can turn Business Payments into more Credit Card Rewards Points -


How tradies can turn business payments into more credit card rewards points

Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, painters… the trade industry in Australia is broad – and big business. In fact, recent figures suggest there are more than 1.1 million people working in the industry nationwide. As such a hefty chunk of the country’s working population, there’s undoubtedly a whole lot of business payments by tradies doing the rounds. Traditional payment methods such as invoicing, bank transfers and direct debits typically lead the way in business expenses, but what if your credit card could do all the heavy lifting instead? With on your side, not only would you free up cash flow, but you could also build up your credit card reward points quickly and significantly. We’ll make it simple and straightforward to pay trade business expenses by credit card.

Tap into your trade business payments   

If you head up a trades business in Australia then, whatever your specialty, it’s highly likely you’re racking up thousands of dollars on business expenses every year. Just think: if you paired a high points-earning credit card with’s innovative payment platform, you could be earning thousands of reward points annually. And before you know it, all those points could be put towards holidays, flights and all sorts of other loyalty program offerings. In short? It’s minimum effort, maximum benefits. For added peace of mind, is PCI Data Security Standard compliant, meaning your data is in safe hands.

Typical trade business expenses is perfect for

Paying tradie expenses by credit card is a surefire way to earn rewards, frequent flyer points or other loyalty scheme perks. So what sort of tradie payments could help you collect points on? Business expenses for tradies could include: 

Paying contractors with credit card

If your trade company has been booked for a big job that requires multiple disciplines or you just need an extra set of hands, it’s normal to hire a contractor. Many fellow tradies won’t accept credit card payments, but with, that doesn’t matter. By using our platform and allowing us to act as an intermediary, you can easily pay contractors with a credit card and earn full card points by doing so, while they’ll receive payment the traditional way. Job done.

Equipment hire

Sometimes you don’t have all the right tools for the job – and that’s to be expected. Hiring equipment is a regular part of any trade business, and it could be anything from scaffolding and drills to grinders and hydraulics. Costs can spiral quickly and payment terms might be sooner than you’d like. Thankfully, paying trade business expenses by card means you can enjoy up to 55 days interest free, which can increase cash flow and help improve payee relationships.

Trade materials

From pipes and paint to bricks and blocks, tradies are constantly stocking up on essential materials for work. Depending on the size of your trade company, builders’ merchants that sell timber and building supplies usually require you to set up an account. With, you can ditch drowning in invoices and instead earn maximum rewards points – up to 15x more – on your business credit card. The result? You, flying first class or enjoying a much-needed luxury holiday, sooner than you think.

Professional services

Owning your own trade company and working for yourself means you’re responsible for every aspect of the business, which is why it’s good to get other professionals on board. That could be accountants to handle your tax return, marketing specialists to promote your business or content writers to help create a standout website. With more business expenses and invoices to keep on top of, the admin can eat into your potential earning time. Let help. We’ve made it really easy – and quick – to make business payments for tradies. Simply choose your card (we accept all major credit cards: VISA, Mastercard and American Express), the payee, pop in the payment amount and we’ll take care of the rest.


Make business payments by credit card, and earn serious points

There may well be other work-related costs in your trade business where you’re normally unable to use your credit card or collect points on, such as staff superannuation, any ATO payments (gulp), or perhaps even rent and overheads if your operation has an office space. Whatever your business outgoings, the opportunity to earn serious loyalty points on your credit card is there – and can help you grow them easily and quickly.

Want more advice on the best credit card for tradies? Keen to find out how tradies can maximise credit card points and increase cash flow? We can help. Contact us via the website or call us today. 

Author: Amy Potter