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How providers of professional services can earn more credit card points on ALL business payments

Professional services: it’s an umbrella term that spans multiple industries and encompasses a wide range of occupations, all of which provide essential support to businesses. Think: lawyers, accountants, architects, marketing experts, consultants, recruitment specialists… the list goes on. And, while the job titles vary, one fact remains the same: it would be SO much easier if all business payments could be managed through the one platform – and paid on your high points-earning credit card. Which is exactly why we created, so that we could help streamline business payments, make life easier, allow you to pay expenses by credit card and earn rewards points to boot.

Professional services: earn serious points on your business spend 

Whether you’re in the legal, finance, teaching, IT or other profession, not only helps you seamlessly manage business expenditure, but it also helps you collect points on business expenses. Serious points. Our trained consultants can even help you select the best business credit card for you that will help you increase your rewards and frequent flyer points balance quickly and easily. That business class flight, destination trip or luxury family holiday will be on the table a lot sooner than you think (and our travel concierge service will even help you book it).

Business expenses to earn reward points on

If you’re a business owner offering professional services, you’ll no doubt have come across a financial roadblock: there are several regular work expenses you can’t pay by credit card or collect reward points on. With, you can. Our innovative payment portal removes the obstacles. Here are some of the professional business expenses you can earn more points on: 

ATO payments

Making payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can take significant chunks out of your finances. As well as goods and services tax (GST), there’s also potential payroll tax for larger companies, plus lodging business activity statements (BAS). The outgoings can quickly add up… but what if your credit card points could stack up instead? Many card providers don’t offer rewards points on these transactions, which is exactly why it makes sense to go through us. Here at, you can earn points on ATO payments and grow your frequent flyer points quickly.


Whatever professional service you offer, you may find hiring contractors is a necessity. However, some service providers don’t accept credit card payments. has you covered for both regular and ad hoc business payments. Simply add payee details to our easy-to-use interface and we’ll ensure you can pay invoices by credit card – and earn frequent flyer points in the process – while your contractor receives funds on time and in the traditional way. Everyone’s a winner, baby. 

Earn points paying super

Many business operators offering professional services will need to make regular superannuation payments to employees, which is currently 9.5% of their base earnings. Depending on the size of your workforce, contributions to superannuation accounts can quickly run into the thousands. With, you can pay super by credit card and earn rewards points on an ongoing basis. With a high points-earning card, you can grow your credit card points balance fast, meaning you can cash in points for business travel and holidays quicker than normal. And, if you don’t currently have the best business credit card for points, our consultants can help find you the perfect one to maximise your rewards. 

Office supplies and other business materials

Larger scale operations may have accounts with the likes of corporate stationers for typical office supplies, marketing agencies or printers, with invoices being settled monthly by bank transfer. Being able to bypass traditional methods and pay billers by credit card will not only get you a higher credit card points balance, but it also helps increase cash flow. By making full use of your business credit card’s repayment period – which can be up to 55 days interest free in some cases – you’ll get to hold on to your money for longer. Ideal if you have a big business expense coming up but you’re still waiting for payments to come in…


As a business owner, you may have an office space to work from. If you’re keen to pay rent by credit card, can assist. We accept all major credit cards – Mastercard, Visa and American Express – so that you can earn points paying rent. You can even add multiple charge cards to our system to maximise benefits and pay what you need to, how you want to. For added reassurance, is PCI Data Security Standard compliant, and our market-leading security practices keep your money and data secure at every step of the payments process.


It pays to use

Earn more credit card points, save time, increase cash flow, simplify your processes… the benefits of are huge, while our transaction fees are the lowest on the market, compared to existing payment schemes. Not only that, but our optional paid points and travel concierge service will also help you with general frequent flyer point enquiries, assist you with purchasing paid travel, and help book frequent flyer travel with your points. While we offer some services on an ad-hoc basis, our recurring subscription model gives you even more reduced payment processing fees and extra perks. Reach out today for further information, or sign up for an account.

Author: Amy Potter