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It’s easy for doctors to earn more credit card points on their business spend and boost their rewards

For the majority of industries, business payments such as rent, supplier invoices, tax bills and superannuation typically all require traditional bank transfer methods. It can mean countless hours of admin to keep on top of payments, invoices and company accounts – time that would be much better spent doing what you do best. However, thanks to’s innovative business payment scheme, we’re helping Australian businesses – including general practitioners, doctors and other medical professionals – manage payments through a single platform and pay bills by credit card. The goal? Making it easy to pay medical business expenses by credit card, and enabling you to earn frequent flyer and rewards points on ALL types of medical business transactions. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy travel perks and business class flights.

Turn medical business expenses into maximum rewards points

Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or as a contractor in a group medical practice, our business payment platform allows you to utilise your credit or debit card for all your business expenses and outgoings, even the ones that typically don’t accept credit card payments. The benefits: more rewards and frequent flyer points, increased cash flow, better supplier relationships and more efficient use of your time. Intrigued? Read on…  

How doctors can get the most from

The following regular business payments are just a handful of the company expenses medical staff can pay by credit card, thanks to

Service and management fees

Many GPs work as either an employee or individual contractor in a private medical practice, including part time and locum arrangements. As independent contractors, doctors pay fees to the medical clinic for use of the facilities and consulting rooms. This can either be deducted at source or paid as a regular direct transfer payment. By signing up to, you’ll be able to pay doctors fees by credit card. It’s a win-win: you’ll get to earn frequent flyer rewards on your business credit card where you wouldn’t normally be able to, and the surgery will receive its payment the traditional way. Trust us: your air miles balance will thank you for it…

Additional professional services 

For doctors who own a medical practice, a great deal of assistance is required from professional service providers. Contract cleaners, security, waste disposal, sharps management, accountants, bookkeepers and linen cleaning services are all likely to be employed. With’s payments platform, you can save multiple credit cards (we accept all major cards including Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and easily upload payee details to our system. Offering flexibility and seamless service when you pay contractors by credit card, it’s a streamlined way to pay and earn rewards from your medical business expenses.

Clinical equipment and materials

Just like with any other industry, doctors have their own tools of the trade that require business supplier relationships. For example, GPs and other medical practitioners may use cryotherapy for treating skin lesions and need a regular supply of liquid nitrogen, as well as oxygen tanks and other clinical essentials. These are additional medical expenses you could be paying by business credit card and earning points on… putting that much-needed holiday or business class flight within reach. 

IT system maintenance and support

Technology is vital in a doctors’ practice. Your IT system will require ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades, which is best undertaken with a service contract. Paying these business expenses by credit card earns you points, yes. But there are also other benefits. Since many business credit cards offer up to 55 days interest free on purchases, helps you use repayment periods to your advantage. Through our payments portal, you get to keep funds – and interest – in your account for longer, meaning increased cash flow.

ATO payments

Many business credit card providers give you reduced or zero credit card reward points when you pay the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which isn’t ideal. However, by going through, you’re still able to earn credit card points on tax bills, meaning the benefits and rewards will stack up in no time. For further peace of mind, rest assured security is built in every step of the way. Thanks to’s market-leading security practices (we are PCI Data Security Standard compliant), you can sleep easy knowing your money and data are constantly kept safe and secure.


Ready to earn more points?

With the lowest transaction fees on the market and a straightforward interface, can help streamline your business and increase rewards points, fast. Not only that, can also provide an end-to-end service for busy doctors. An initial consultation allows us to better understand your medical business model so we can get you earning frequent flyer points efficiently, while our travel concierge service takes the hassle out of spending rewards and booking flights. In short, we’ve got you covered, every step of the way.

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Author: Amy Potter