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Turn business payments from your construction company into serious credit card points

When it comes to running your own construction company, there can be a vast array of overhead expenses and ongoing business costs. Typically, a large proportion of these construction business expenses are paid through traditional measures (and come with seemingly endless paperwork!). So imagine how straightforward it would be if you could use a credit card to pay business expenses… and imagine all the rewards points you could be earning by using said card. With, you don’t have to imagine. Our payment scheme will help you streamline your business, free up your cash and earn maximum benefits. It’s an easy way to pay construction business expenses on credit card.

Convert your construction business payments into credit card reward points 

How does work? Well, our brand new payment platform enables construction companies to make business payments you wouldn’t normally be able to on your credit card. As well as reaping the loyalty rewards, points and benefits (such as frequent flyer points and air miles), you’ll also be generating more profit from your business, as we’ll help free up cash flow. All this and much more: and we boast the cheapest transaction processing rates for business payments in Australia, compared to existing payment schemes.

What business expenses in the construction industry can I use for?

Pretty much everything, bar a few prohibited payment types, such as mortgages and wages. Here are a few examples of construction business transactions you could be paying by credit card – and earn rewards points on – using our services.

Paying contractors by credit card

For each project within the construction industry, a variety of skilled tradespeople are required, many of whom are independent contractors. Each of these will require prompt payment of their invoices. While tradies wouldn’t normally see their invoices paid by credit card, acts as an intermediary on your behalf, allowing you to pay these vital team members using any major credit card (we accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express), on time, in full and in the traditional way. Easy peasy.

Other business services

Of course, getting the job done also requires a lot of behind-the-scenes assistance, and is there to help. Professional services such as lawyers, accountants and project managers also play important roles in construction projects. With, you can simply add payees into our easy-to-use interface, and set-up or import batch payments, ready to start earning points on. Bonus: managing construction business payments through a single platform will save you valuable time, effort and energy as a result.

Essential site equipment

As any construction company will know, site equipment hire items such as portable toilets, temporary site offices, lighting towers, hand sanitiser stations and temporary fencing are also day-to-day essentials. Settling accounts by credit card rather than by traditional measures means you can earn points on work expenses. In fact, with, you have the potential to earn up to 15x more points for your rewards program.

Superannuation and ATO payments

Paying your employees’ superannuation can take a huge chunk out of your company finances – and typically this is done through bank transfers. Likewise, many banks and credit card suppliers are making it harder to earn points on tax payments to the ATO in the form of PAYG or business activity statements (BAS) instalments. With, our business payment platform allows you to pay tax by credit card and debit card and earn points in the process, so you can enjoy travel rewards and more. We’ll even act as travel concierge to help you get the maximum benefits from your points when the time comes.

Equipment and materials

Without doubt, you’ll have relationships with timber and building suppliers so you have the construction materials you need for the job. Rather than settling invoices and your account the traditional way, paying suppliers with a high points-earning credit card using our payment platform has multiple benefits. Besides earning maximum points, you can also take advantage of up to 55 days interest free on many business credit cards. Having an extra 55 days keeps money in your account for longer, helping you maximise your company cash flow.

Safe, secure and at your service for all your construction expenses

Behind-the-scenes, we work tirelessly to ensure meets the highest industry security standards, and are PCI Data Security Standard compliant. And, with the customer at the heart of what we do, our specialist consultants will help you understand the potential your business has for earning frequent flyer points and highlight the optimum cards to get you started. Our professional team can also act as an optional paid points and travel concierge service. We can gladly help with business card point enquiries, to help book frequent flyer travel with your points or to assist with purchasing paid travel.

Want in? Get started today by setting up your account for your construction business, or contact us for further information. We can also help compare business credit cards and advise the best credit card for construction businesses.

Author: Amy Potter