Cash Flow

Leverage up to 55 days interest-free on business payments

Using a credit card to pay your business expenses with allows you to tap into cashflow advantages. Make the most of a credit card’s repayment period, you can unlock up to 55 days interest-free to assist with your business’s cash flow.

Pay invoices with a credit card where you couldn't before

Get access to our competitive rates

Unlock up to 55 days interest free depending on your credit card terms

Supercharge the points you can earn

5 Tips to manage your cash flow


Develop a cash flow budget.


Issue invoices as you go, set timelines and terms.


Collect GST in a separate account.


Plan for future payments.


Pay bills with your credit card with

“Why should I use”

Most suppliers don’t accept credit cards, we bridge this gap making it easier for you to simplify your business payments and being able to tap into cash flow advantages with using your credit card.

“Why use a credit card for my business?”

A credit card used solely for business purchases can give you a clearer view of your cash flow. Another benefit is that the annual card fee on each of your business cards may be tax deductible. However, you should make your own enquiries about this with your tax adviser.

“Personalised Points Advisors, how may I assist you today?”

Our team of experts will help create the best solution to fit your business needs. Recommending the right credit card to help with cash flow and boost your points.